Get Attachment ID by image URL

This week I was doing some a development review for a Agency here in Rio and we saw that we needed to discover the Attachment ID based on the URL.

On version 4.0 WordPress introduced a function to allow you to grab the Attachment ID by image URL. Read More

How deprecate code on WordPress Plugin

As you start to develop plugins to sell or distribute for free on the WordPress plugin repository you will see yourself in one of the worst situations as a product developer.

> In order to improve your code you will need to let go of old code and introduce new stuff to the codebase.

You will face the following problem, **how** will you do it without breaking themes and other plugins that rely on your current code?

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How to use AJAX on WordPress

*If you already know what is an AJAX request please just jump right to the section where I will talk about [how to start coding](*

### What is an AJAX request

First you will need to understand that an [AJAX request]( is nothing more then a simple `GET` or `POST` to an URL that you defined, you will pass some parameters and this URL should answer you with some other data that you will be able to parse on the JavaScript and using it you will be able to give your users the needed visual feedback.

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