Using date_parse_from_format on PHP 5.2

Last week, I was working on a problem of the Datepicker formats been really weird on some cases for The Events Calendar plugin, as Modern Tribe does support WordPress minimum PHP required version for it's plugins, the developers have to solve some problems with the Tools that PHP 5.2 provides us.

The enemy! ?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function date_parse_from_format()

On the case of dates, this becomes a real problem since we don't have support for the date_parse_from_format or DateTime::createFromFormat() we needed to be able to parse formats like 15/02/1993 formatted with d/m/Y.

Is.JS a general purpose check library

Working on a way to consistently check for values when dealing with JavaScript conditionals, and as you might already know from one or two articles written previously by some experienced developers out there.

To solve my issue I found a very cool library that will deal with almost all the basic conditionals in a pretty readable way, it's called is.js. Check out the library's GitHub repository and follow the project to know more about it.

What sold it for me was the tiny file size, no dependencies what so ever and a very good performance, that's why it's called a "micro" library.

Modify Category Queries in WordPress

WordPress has a lot of powerful tools that will speed up the development process by a great amount, the first one that you will encounter when creating themes is the WP_Query.

For those who are not aware of what is the WP_Query, you can assume its the WordPress tool that will give you control over the Queries made to fetch posts in the database.

On this article I will talk a little bit of how to change and modify your WordPress theme or plugin to allow better control over the WP_Query taxonomies Module, which gives the developer a very easy way to handle the Taxonomy related searches within WordPress.

How to use WordPress icon on a Plugin

When you are using the WordPress structure to build your plugin from time to time you will need to insert an icon to make your plugin easier on the eye.

A little while ago a few developers and designers found out that using images to display simple Icons was a bad idea, because of the way it scales in to Mobile and the lack of methods to change it's color. These guys found out that the best way was to use .svg files, which are a vector with the drawing instead of a bitmap.

How deprecate code on WordPress Plugin

As you start to develop plugins to sell or distribute for free on the WordPress plugin repository you will see yourself in one of the worst situations as a product developer.

In order to improve your code you will need to let go of old code and introduce new stuff to the codebase.

You will face the following problem, how will you do it without breaking themes and other plugins that rely on your current code?

Using a Meta value on Post Title

I saw a tweet earlier today of a user asking how to solve common issue, how to use a single variable inside of the title of my WordPress posts, in this case events.

How to do it

To understand how to do this task you first need to see that these kind of variables can be used inside of title without been inserted manually on by applying a little concept called filter, which will allow you to hook to a WordPress method and apply X or Y function to solve your issue.

How to use AJAX on WordPress

If you already know what is an AJAX request please just jump right to the section where I will talk about how to start coding.

What is an AJAX request

First you will need to understand that an AJAX request is nothing more then a simple GET or POST to an URL that you defined, you will pass some parameters and this URL should answer you with some other data that you will be able to parse on the JavaScript and using it you will be able to give your users the needed visual feedback.

Challenging myself to blog on 2015

I saw a post on Brad Willians blog about doing a challenge on blogging, so I imagined why not? It should be a very good experience trying to write more.

On his post Brad said that he would do 100 posts this year and just to make it interesting I will do 101 (beat that!).

I love to talk about stuff, and writing is no different, but I always keep forgetting to do it, so I think creating a challenge for myself should help me be active. Since I found this site on how to start a blog and decided to take advantage of this and write everyday.

My intention is to blog about personal stuff of my life, WordPress, general development and some Mac OS based content.

So let's start counting!