Modify Category Queries in WordPress

WordPress has a lot of powerful tools that will speed up the development process by a great amount, the first one that you will encounter when creating themes is the WP_Query.

For those who are not aware of what is the WP_Query, you can assume its the WordPress tool that will give you control over the Queries made to fetch posts in the database.

On this article I will talk a little bit of how to change and modify your WordPress theme or plugin to allow better control over the WP_Query taxonomies Module, which gives the developer a very easy way to handle the Taxonomy related searches within WordPress. Read More

Get Attachment ID by image URL

This week I was doing some a development review for a Agency here in Rio and we saw that we needed to discover the Attachment ID based on the URL.

On version 4.0 WordPress introduced a function to allow you to grab the Attachment ID by image URL. Read More