Challenging myself to blog on 2015

I saw a post on Brad Willians blog about doing a challenge on blogging, so I imagined why not? It should be a very good experience trying to write more.

On his post Brad said that he would do 100 posts this year and just to make it interesting I will do 101 (beat that!).

I love to talk about stuff, and writing is no different, but I always keep forgetting to do it, so I think creating a challenge for myself should help me be active. Since I found this site on how to start a blog and decided to take advantage of this and write everyday.

My intention is to blog about personal stuff of my life, WordPress, general development and some Mac OS based content.

So let's start counting!

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  • Le Skilled November 12, 2016 on 2:19 pm

    i see no 101 post :D

    • Gustavo Bordoni Le Skilled November 16, 2016 on 12:39 pm

      I failed miserably! I'm preparing to try to do something similar on 2017. Thanks for the reminder! ?


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